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    2. Core business - solutions
      Facilitate landing of AI artificial intelligence scenes
      About Raying
      Focus on machine vision intelligent product solutions

      Hangzhou Raying Technology Co., Ltd.,2017year10Founded in May, located in the Chinese artificial intelligence town of Hangzhou,It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent hardware equipment based on cutting-edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence.

      Take "Make the hardware smarter and make life more convenient"The concept, bringing together algorithm research talents from well-known universities at home and abroad and industry experts in related fields, is committed to the research and development of intelligent visual processing technology and related products for smart cities, smart transportation, smart finance, smart medical care, smart education, and intelligence In buildings and other industries, we provide customers with intelligent hardware equipment and overall solutions, throughAIThe development and innovation of artificial intelligence technology provide high-quality services to the society, aiming to become the world's leading provider of intelligent hardware solutions.

      Be partners and work together
      Take the customer as focus and work with partners to build a mutually beneficial and symbiotic business ecological model to achieve continuous creation of business value.
      We are looking forward to your cooperation